ZK Community Breakfast — organized by Cryptomeria Capital [Recap]

Cryptomeria Capital
2 min readMay 25, 2023

More than 70 guests, two panel sessions, and countless insightful conversations. Cryptomeria Capital, along with Starknetics and zkPass, leading ZK technology experts, and brilliant minds from the community, united on May 23rd in Podgorica during EDCON 2023 to discuss all things ZK.

That was ZK Community Breakfast — the first event in the ZK Seasons event series dedicated to unveiling the potential of ZK technology. By bringing together experts from leading ZK ecosystems, startups, and developers, ZK Seasons encourages participants to generate ideas, network, and experiment with ZK integration.

The ZK Community Breakfast featured two insightful panels, each showcasing guests who shared their vision of the technology, delved deep into the intricacies of their projects, and generated ideas on the potential applications of ZK.

We are proud to have made our contribution as co-organizers and want to thank the partners, participants, and community members who contributed to making the first ZK Community Breakfast an unforgettable experience. Special thanks go to our incredible speakers, including but not limited to:

Looking ahead, we are excited to announce the commitment to hosting more ZK Seasons events in the near future, driving innovation forward and supporting the development of ZK technology.

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The firm has a corporate partnership with Axon Partners Group, an international consulting and investment firm that has backed over 50 companies and trades on the BME Growth Market under the ticker “APG”.

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