Seoul Metaverse Week 2022 — co-organize by Cryptomeria Capital [recap]

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3 min readOct 9, 2022

Seoul Metaverse Week 2022 is over!

More than 40 speakers, numerous panel sessions, and countless insightful conversations. Partners include IBM, Nvidia, Samsung, Nokia, Sandbox, RTFKT, Somnium Space, ConsenSys, Hashed, among others.

If you weren’t there in person, we are bringing you the key takeaways:

1.We cannot uncouple the discussion about mass adoption from a discussion of cultural mindsets. A lot of blockchain services are based on the idea of collecting, exchanging, and trading assets — and for many, that’s not a top-of-mind endeavor, or even hobby. Mass adoption would require a tremendous shift in collective thinking and preferences when it comes to experiencing the world.

2.Mass adoption in the true sense of the word would be around the corner only when sending a token or NFT to a friend is as easy as sending a photo as an attachment in a messenger. As long as the majority of Web3/metaverse-related tasks are tech-heavy, they will only be interesting and engaging to a very small group of enthusiasts.

We are proud to have made our contribution as co-organizers, and want to thank everyone who contributed to making the conference a success. And a special thank goes to our incredible speakers, including but not limited to

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