New investment: Symmetry

We are proud to announce our new investment. Symmetry is an addition to our portfolio.

Symmetry is a decentralized index protocol and portfolio management platform build on Solana. With Symmetry, you can create your own index, or purchase one created by someone else. While researching the benefits of indices, our team developed an Index Simulator, a tool that is now part of Symmetry Protocol, that allows users to simulate how their custom index would perform based on historical data, even before it is created. The team is also working on the SMF token which is heavily integrated into the protocol and is the backbone of the platform.

Top crypto funds have also invested in Symmetry: Alameda Research, Coin98 Ventures, GBV, Rarestone Capital and ROK Capital. We are happy and excited to join this list and be on this amazing journey.

— Alex M, Managing Partner of Cryptomeria Capital.

We are seeing Solana’s ecosystem growing rapidly as more projects and teams are porting to take advantage of its impressive architecture. We think this is just the beginning and Solana will play a major role in the future of DeFi & crypto in general. team

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We help you to enter the Chinese crypto market. We invest in blockchain projects.

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Cryptomeria Capital

Cryptomeria Capital

We help you to enter the Chinese crypto market. We invest in blockchain projects.

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