New investment: Shadows Network

We are proud to announce our new investment. Shadows Network is an addition to our portfolio.

Shadows Network is the underlying network for the DeFi synthetic asset issuance agreement and synthetic asset trading based on Substrate, the backbone of the web 3.0 store of value. It is Polkadot’s parallel chain focused on mapping real-world financial assets onto the chain through an agreement, a synthetic asset issuance agreement, and a decentralized trading platform and collateralized lending platform for synthetic assets.

There are a lot of requests from the market to improve DeFi synthetic assets. With important advantages for users like cross-chain asset synthesis and trading Shadows Network demonstrates an actual look at real community needs that makes it an outstanding project.

— Alex M, Managing Partner of Cryptomeria Capital

Cryptomeria Capital is one of our extremely good partners. They are very popular in blockchain&crypto space. It has been a pleasure to work with them closely.

— Iror Chen, CEO of Shadows Network

Cryptomeria Capital is a crypto fund backed by blockchain industry experts. The firm focuses exclusively on ventures, tokens, and projects related to blockchain technology and crypto assets.

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