We are proud to announce our new investment. Cyclos is an addition to our portfolio.

Cyclos is a concentrated liquidity protocol that aims to be the go-to-market maker for digital asset trading on Solana. Cyclos leverages the exponentially greater capital efficiency of concentrated liquidity, combined with the flexibility of Serum’s order books, to radically transform the DeFi landscape on Solana.

Liquidity providers utilize Cyclos to construct individual price curves of their choice, over which their assets are distributed. Trades then occur against the combined liquidity of all individual curves on Serum’s orderbooks.

What is more, Cyclos is the winner of the Kin Foundation prize pool from the Solana Season Hackathon.

A new addition to our portfolio is always a joyful and important event for us. I am happy to share updates about our company, especially the news about investments in such interesting and innovative companies like Cyclos. We see a great future in projects built on Solana and hope Cyclos will help to take trading volume on Solana to the next level.

— Alex M, Managing Partner of Cryptomeria Capital

We are extremely excited to work together with Cryptomeria Capital as a strategic partner and bridge between the Eastern and Western markets. Making inroads among both new and existing DeFi users is crucial for the success of our platform, and we stand confident in executing this mission together.

— Daniel H, Co-founder and CEO of Cyclos

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