Metaverse Overview report [September 2022]

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3 min readSep 1, 2022

Today, Cryptomeria Capital together with Everyrealm, NGC Ventures, CGV FoF,, HashKey Capital and MarketAcross released its Metaverse Overview report (available in full here).

The research and analysis intend to fill the gap between corporate and investor interest in capitalizing on the metaverse, and the challenges associated with understanding the space. Backed by market data, it provides an overview of where the metaverse landscape is now, and where it is headed. Equally importantly, it delivers definition clarity and explores the wealth of possible future applications.

We encourage you to read the whole report, however, here are a few topline insights:

1. There has already been a massive influx of investment into the metaverse space from large companies, such as Meta, Microsoft, Alphabet, Nvidia, Apple. The advent of blockchain pushes the boundaries of what is possible in AR/VR.

2. In 2021, metaverse-related companies raised nearly $10.4 billion across 612 deals from both VCs and large tech corporations. This is a sign that investors are confident in the future and the potential of the metaverse.

3. Creating your own crypto company or metaverse-based business requires first and foremost an analysis of the level at which you are able to engage with a new digital space — basic, emerging, advanced, differentiated.

We’re especially excited that the research is co-authored with our partners:

  • Everyrealm, an investor and innovator in the metaverse and NFT ecosystem
  • NGC Ventures, a VC focused on investing in the blockchain industry
  • CGV FoF, an Asia-based fund of funds that focuses on сrypto investments
  •, a developer of Web3 tools for user acquisition
  • HashKey Capital, a leader in digital asset management and blockchain solutions
  • MarketAcross, a PR and marketing media group working in the fintech and blockchain industries


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