𝕊ecret Network Overview: Bringing privacy to Blockchains, Smart Contracts & Web3

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2 min readNov 23, 2022

Conversations about data privacy and user anonymity are crucial when it comes to building an Internet fit for the new age. This is exactly why we’re excited to release a brand new report on Secret Network, one of the first blockchains based on privacy for smart contracts. The research is a joint effort with SCRT Labs.

What kind of projects would grow in a privacy oriented eco-system? Will it harness free speech or would it beсome home for inflammatory rhetoric? What kind of identity and reputation solutions would the community implement? All these questions have to be top of mind — that’s why a lot of the backers of Secret Network come from science and academia.

On top of the scientific value, there is a market use-case of the project of similar importance: integrating privacy coin liquidity into the defi landscape. Secret Network is developing numerous bridge solutions, and one of them is with a top-tier privacy oriented blockchain — Monero, the liquidity of which is not yet actively used in existing defi eco-systems.

As Secret Network grows, along with Web3 itself, the time has come to think bigger about our privacy vision and how to ensure that we are always at the forefront of both research and development. We never want to be stuck in a local maxima; rather, we want to always be the market leader in Web3 privacy solutions that are active in production. We always want to push our solutions to be more secure, more performant, faster, and lower cost — especially as adoption rises thanks to massive innovation in DeFi, Data Management and the Metaverse.

— Guy Zyskind, CEO and Founder.

Our research covers the project’s history and fundraising, discusses the technology and ecosystem, and looks at the future potential and growth opportunities. Check out the full version of the report on the Metaverse Post HERE.

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