Cryptomeria Capital Joins Forces with Axon Partners Group

Cryptomeria Capital
3 min readMar 3, 2023


Cryptomeria Capital has officially joined forces with Axon, one of the leading Web2 investment funds in the world. This strategic partnership marks a new era for both parties and for the Web3 ecosystem as a whole.

To celebrate this milestone, we hosted an exclusive event at the stunning Address Fountain View in Dubai last night. The event was co-organized with our amazing partners Chabaud and Metaverse Post, who helped us create a memorable and immersive experience for our guests.

The partnership with Axon will enable Cryptomeria Capital to leverage their expertise and network in the Web2 space and accelerate our investments in Web3 projects. We believe that this collaboration will bring tremendous value to both sides and open up new horizons for innovation and growth.

During the event, Metaverse Post interviewed some of our distinguished guests, including influential bloggers with millions of followers across various platforms. They also captured the essence of Dubai’s vibrant tech scene and its potential for Web3 adoption.

Chabaud, another partner of the event, is a renowned French fragrance brand that specializes in creating bespoke scents. They transformed the venue into a sensory paradise with their exquisite aromas and elegant decor. We are grateful to Chabaud for their professionalism and creativity.

We were honored to have such a diverse and high-profile crowd at our event last night. Our guest list included prominent Dubai-based family offices who are interested in exploring Web3 opportunities, as well as representatives from Julius Baer, Roland Berger, and Aoudi Group among other prestigious institutions.

We would like to thank everyone who co-organized and attended our event for making it such a success! We look forward to working with you all on building a better future for Web3!

About Cryptomeria Capital
Cryptomeria Capital is a Web3-focused venture capital firm that is passionate about the future of decentralized technology. Their investments are focused on early-stage projects steeped in Web3 innovations and decentralized scaling solutions. The company’s founders believe that decentralized projects, cryptocurrencies, and Web3 will dramatically reshape economic relations, which has the potential to bring about a positive impact on society as a whole.

Cryptomeria’s stated mission is to support this transformation by providing early-stage financing to the most ambitious projects in this young and rapidly developing industry. These goals aim to be achieved by combining team experience, along with new and established networks, in an effort to actively support the most promising teams in the market.

About Axon Partners Group
Axon Partners Group (‘Axon’) is an international investment and consulting firm founded in 2006. Axon combines the flexibility and speed of a specialist firm with excellence in business advice and execution in all the sectors impacted by technology and innovation. Their multidisciplinary experts possess extensive track records and complementary expertise in the investment and advisory fields.

The firm offers services such as first-class specialty strategy consulting empowered by strong analytical skills, as well as investment strategies serving as a key partner to entrepreneurs and fund managers. Axon has a top-quartile track record in venture capital, including direct investment and Fund of Fund strategies.



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